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Is it legal to buy and use CBD Vape Juice in Australia?

Buy ejuice vape juice in Australia

If you want to buy CBD Vape Juices in Australia, you’ll need a medical prescription to buy the CBD Liquid.
But, you can import the product without a prescription. Just make sure that you go for THC-free Vape Juice, so you do not get into any legal issues. For a vape juice to identify as THC-free, the THC content has to be less than 0.3%.

All our CBD Vape Juices are 100% THC-Free! So you will get no legal or customs issues when you import our CBD Vape Juices to Australia.

Quality of our CBD Vape Juices

The hemp, that is used to extract the CBD is grown in organic farms in Europe. In these farms, chemical additives are not used when growing the cannabis, and you’ll be sure of 100% organic CBD vape juice.
We only use CBD Isolate from the European market leader of CBD Vaping Products. It comes from Harmony Ltd., United Kingdom.

The method used to extract the CBD content of the vape juice has a significant role to play in how much you’ll enjoy the product. CO2 extraction method is the best of all and Harmony use this method of course.

What else is in the CBD Vape Juice?

The only other ingredients are Pharma grade PG and VG, like in regular Vape Juices / E-Liquids. And the last ingredient are flavours that have been specially developed for E-Liquids / Vape Juices.

Some CBD vape juice come with additives like terpenes, phytocannabinoids like CBC and flavonoids, etc. We don’t add any additives to our CBD Vape Juices, because in Australia, the additives to the CBD vape juice will depend on what Australian authorities permit the manufacturers to add. This permits are different from state to state, therefore we refrain from using these additives to make sure that there are no legal problems for you.

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